Chatbots Suck. Mascots Don't.

We help 6 – 8 figure brands turn cold traffic into repeated customers through the power of conversational marketing and mascots.

Brands We've Worked With

So What Do Chatbots Mascots Do?

We jest! But they seriously do. No more waiting for slow email responses to queries, leading to happier visitors who don’t just ‘add-to-cart’, but buy.

With personal product recommendations, your customers are going to feel ‘heard’ and loved. Wanna guess what happens after?

Reduces the load on your customer support team, shaves overhead and frees up your profits to scale your business to greater heights.

Even your top sales rep has their limits. With the bot, you’re able to not only clone your rep, but also ensure they work 24/7/365, without any breaks or mistakes (talk about slave driving!)

And yes. More conversations = more conversions.
And more conversions = more money.

It takes 7 to 13 touches to get a customer to convert.

Whilst your competitors are out there chasing the new ‘fAcEbOoK aD HaCk” to decrease their CPMs, you’re touching your customers on multiple platforms (IG/FB/Email/SMS).

Shouldn’t be hard to tell who crushes the other.

All-in-one Chatbot for Commerce

Make product information dynamic and instantly available to enable buyer decision-making

Provide faster checkout to convert shoppers to customers and improve purchase experience

Keep buyers informed with timely order confirmation and product delivery support

What Happens When Companies Implement Bot Flows...

7 – 25% boost in revenue by having an abandoned cart chatbot (Outgrow)

30% better ROI achieved when initiating conversations between customers via Messenger v.s. retargeting ads (Business Insider)

30% of customer support costs can be saved with chatbots (Invespcro)

How Do Our Flows Look?

Whether complex or simple, rest assured you’re in good hands.

Here's an example of a short, simple flow.

Here's an example of a complex, logic intensive flow.

What About Results?

Sure. How do monthly sales of a single SKU sound?

What Clients Say

“Working with Sean was a pleasure. One of the best work-experience we ever had before. He went above and beyond to make the flow work for our unique case.
In addition to that he gave us a comprehensive explanation on how we can apply to flow to other products.
We highly recommend working with Sean.”

Paul L.

Sean is the OG of Seller.Tools, got all my questions answered in as quick as a 30 mins call!

Nathan B.

Sean is a ManyChat wizard. Has a full grasp of and understanding of how all the pieces fit together. Also super easy to work with and exceeds expectation. If you are struggling with creating flows for your Amazon launches, he is your guy.

Pete C.

Sean is an exceptional bot designer as well as mentor. He has helped me build and optimize many flows. On top of being a many chat expert, he is a very patient teacher who is always willing to go the extra mile to make sure you have a full understanding of the project you’re working on. He is my go to guy for anything many chat!

Ori B.

Not only has Sean has been so beneficial to our product launch strategy using flows etc, he has also increased my personal knowledge base on the landscape of digital marketing as he is at the leading edge.

Shane G.

As a newbie to ManyChat I needed some help to set up an Amazon launch flow to make sure I got the best results.
As soon as I spoke to Sean I knew I was speaking to the right person. He clearly explained all the steps slowly and clearly until we had set everything as was needed.
I felt like a valued customer as Sean was on hand to answer any further questions and even went that extra mile to make final tweaks so my ManyChat flows so they were getting the best results.
I would highly recommend Sean as your go to guy for anything ManyChat.

Steve M.

Sean is definitely a rare find. Thank you so much for being so honest, knowledgeable and on top of things. Sometimes I wondered if you ever took a break… you always responded to my questions immediately regardless of time of day.

Lucia R.

After messenger announced their new TOS I didn’t know what to do as I had planned to used a ManyChat to get reviews for my products but was now stuck. Then I saw Sean’s video explaining how to work around getting the review and was blown away. Immediately I contacted him and set up a call. He broke everything down and explained to me what to do, in a compliant way that wont get my bot banned. He was thorough and precise and definitely worth it.
Highly recommended

Andreas M.

I was skeptical about outsourcing our chatbot, but was very lucky to meet Sean. Sean is highly responsive, knowledgable and was able to navigate ambiguity well to deliver our chatbot ahead of schedule which that met all of our needs. I would happily and look forward to working with Sean again.

Steve D.

Thanks Sean! You obviously know ManyChat inside out and you were lightening fast and super helpful. Highly recommended. I will be back I am sure.

Carol F.

This very well could be the best service on Legiit. Sean is an amazing bot designer and goes above and beyond for service. Get this now before he is unaffordable!

Jim S.

The Bot Assembly? Who Are You Guys?

Sean and Tyler started out in the Messenger marketing space 4 years ago.

Sean ran EcomScaler, whilst Tyler served as a freelancer for his clients. Both of them were frustrated with the lack of ‘support’ whilst building their flows and decided to team up to cover each other’s asses.

They have then went on to help multiple 6/7/8 figure brands and have been in charge of building flows that have went out to millions of users (as well as made their clients loads of money).

Open rates of 60 – 80%, as well as CTRs of 40 – 60% are common place.

Feel free to reach out if you like to learn more.

We’d be happy to help you build conversational funnels to turn one time buyers into lifetime repeat buyers, and build your brands that sweet edge over its competitors.

Tyler Morin

Sean Goh

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